Running BITS DM as Administrator Stops Other BITS Clients From Working


  1. Run BITS DM as Admin (not sure if the as Admin is strictly necessary)
  2. Run the Visual Studio Web Dev Express Installer
  3. Continue until the downloading components stage
    The installer seems to hang after each download even after the download reaches the acknowledged state. Killing the setup.exe process and restarting allows the installer to continue to the next download.
    The installer should move quickly to the next download (i.e. BITS DM should not have an adverse effect on other apps).
    Work Around:
    Don't run BITS DM when other apps are depending on BITS
    Low-ish? Not 100% sure this is a BITS DM bug. I haven't looked at the code at all, but I know some windows APIs require apps to pass on messages, or handles, or free resources after use, so it's possible that BITS DM isn't doing one of these things properly. It's also possible that there is some bug in BITS or more likely the VS Web Dev Installer.